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Below is a list of frequently asked question for our BodyAZ HCG+Diet. To view an answer just click on the question that interests you.

What is HCG?

HCG, or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, is a natural hormone used to assist in weight loss. It is the hormone that increases significantly during pregnancy, and helps to support the growing baby in its early stages

How does HCG work for weight loss?

One of the functions of this hormone is to stimulate the body to mobilize and burn extra fat cells for energy. In the weight loss program, a very small amount is used (compared to the surge in pregnancy) to stimulate the body to burn fat cells while the body is on a Very Low Calorie diet (VLCD). Normally on VLCD, the body goes into “starvation mode”, and in that mode, our body stores fat. This is a protective mechanism used by our body to prevent death during periods of starvation. When using HCG in conjunction with a VLCD for a short period of time, you stimulate your body to burn excess fat cells, so you are in fact losing the fat you want instead of storing it. This process is referred to as “Ketosis”.

Is the Diet Safe?

YES! It has been used for over 30 years, and a medical practitioner and their staff will closely monitor you.

Is the Diet Hard?

Dieters report that the diet was easy with the variety of food selections listed, and weekly appointments with their Diet Team gave them the support they needed.

What is the Glycemic Index?

The Glycemic Index (GI) is a method of ranking carbohydrates in foods to tell us if that particular food will make our blood sugar levels rise quickly, moderately, or slowly. The sugars in foods with a low GI number are released more slowly into the bloodstream, causing blood glucose levels to rise and fall more slowly than foods that have a higher GI number.

Will the office visits take a lot of time?

Each visit will take approximately 30 minutes.

Is it expensive?

Compared to the other programs that require purchasing pre-package meals for up to six months, the BodyAZ Diet is much less. The pre-packaged food is full of preservatives. Our lifestyle change is built on "Real Food" for "Real People.”

How much weight can I expect to lose?

A minimum weight loss average of 20-50 lbs for women and 30-60 lbs for men is possible! Your medical practitioner will determine which program and the duration that best suits your needs.

What if I have more weight to lose?

After completing the BodyAZ HCG 6-week or 12-week Protocol, followed by the 6-week Maintenance Care Plan, you can repeat the Diet again. Your BodyAZ Diet Team will help determine which program you might need, dependant on your weight loss goal and body type.

Is the weight loss guaranteed?

Instructions are provided during the BodyAZ+Diet and on the Maintenance phase, but adapting the lifestyles is up to you.

Will I have to exercise?

Yes. Exercise is a key portion of any weight loss program. Exercise is recommended at least three times a week (or everyday) for at minimum of 10-30 minute intervals.

Will I lose muscle on this plan?

No. The BodyAZ Diet is formulated to focus on body fat.

Will support be offered?

Yes. You will be scheduled for weekly appointments to review your progress. Feel free to speak with the BodyAZ+Diet Team regarding advice on menu selection, recipes, and any questions or concerns.

Will I be provided with a list of foods?

Yes. You will receive the BodyAZ HCG+Diet Handbook that has a section on "Food and Meal Combinations". There are many tasty food combinations that provide a variety of choices.

What other foods can I eat beside what's on the diet?

It is not recommended; refer to the diet Instructions.

If I eat less or go on a fast will I lose more?

This diet program has been specifically formulated to support your metabolism during the lifestyle changes that take place on the diet. Eating less or doing a fast is not recommended.

I am vegetarian, what can I eat?

There are numerous items listed on "Food and Meal Combinations" that you can chose.

Do I need to do the binge?

Yes. The binge is a very important element of the diet. The binge helps to ease ketosis during the first week while you start using the HCG injections.

What foods are on the Maintenance?

You will receive a list of Foods that have a Glycemic Index up to 55.

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