Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup, or cosmetic tattooing, is a fast-growing health and beauty technique used to enhance the features of your eyes, eyebrows, and lips, and can last for years!

The process is just like getting a tattoo. Our trained Aesthetician precisely applies the permanent makeup by using a tattoo needle that penetrates your skin and releases tiny individual implants of pigment into the dermal layer of the skin. The pigment is designed to stay in the skin for a few years, though it does fade with time by varying degrees.

Ideal for Men & Women who have:

  • Busy lives and don’t have time for everyday makeup application
  • Subtle feature enhancement without using makeup
  • Difficultly applying their own makeup
  • Doesn't interupt natural lash growth
  • Thin or no eyebrow hair
  • Scar tissue
  • Allergies or sensitive skin to traditional makeup
  • Asymmetrical features
  • Thin, pale, or poorly defined lips


If you have faint eyebrows, no eyebrows, or partial eyebrows, a cosmetic tattoo can help create a fuller and natural appearance that can dramatically change the look of the face. For those with little or no eyebrow hair, we can create a natural brow individually designed to complement your facial features.


Permanent eyeliner can create effects that range from subtle to dramatic to make your eye’s “pop”. It is a great option for those who have difficulty applying their own makeup or allergic to various cosmetics. After an eyeliner tattoo, you can put away your eye pencils forever!


Enhance your lips with tint and/or lip liners. Lip liner tattoos can provide definition or change the appearance of the lip line and reduce "lipstick bleed". With a colored lip tattoo, lip scars disappear, and you can kiss lipstick good-bye.


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