Foot Reflexology

Reflexology is the practice of applying pressure with specific thumb, finger, and hand techniques, to reflex sensors on the feet and hands. These sensors correspond with organs and other parts of the body. When stimulated by pressure, sensors release endorphins and healing energy, promoting health, balance, and relaxation.

  • Stress Reduction
  • Rejuvenation of Tired, Sore Feet
  • Promotes Relaxation
  • Pain Reduction
  • Increases Energy, Motivation and Enthusiasm
  • Enhanced Mental Clarity and Focus
  • Improves Circulation and Digestion
  • Detoxification

Around the world and throughout history reflexology has been rediscovered and reinstated as a health practice by people seeking to deal with health concerns.

Foot Reflexology Map

The practice of “foot work” has ancient origins, and was practiced as early as 2330 B.C. by the Egyptian culture. Other archeological evidence found in China (2704 BCE) and Japan (690 CE) also point to ancient reflexology medical systems.

The Method of Toe Observations was recorded roughly 5,000 years ago in China attesting to interest in the foot and its connection to general health.

The benefits of reflexology have to do with the reduction of stress. It is a known fact that many health problems begin as stress. Because the feet and hands help set the tension level for the rest of the body, they are an easy way to interrupt the stress signal and reset homeostasis, the body's equilibrium.

Receiving regular Reflexology sessions is an excellent way to reduce stress and bring balance and Wellness back into your life.

BodyAZ offers Reflexology treatments in 60 and 90-minute sessions, customized to meet you needs, by our Reflexology Certified, Licensed Massage Therapist.

Reflexology treatments are also offered as an effective complement to massage therapy for the total mind and body experience.

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